Buying a Pasta Maker Attachment for a Kitchen Aid

by katerina on February 27, 2006

Having had such fun making perogies last week I thought I would try and do something equally enterprising and make pasta. I bought a kitchen aid stand mixer 6 months ago and so knowing I could get pasta attachments I did a bit of research.

There seemed to be two ways to go – pasta plates or pasta rollers. This is designed to make two quite different kinds of pasta – extruded and rolled. Examples of extruded pasta would be dried spaghetti and macaroni and examples of rolled would be flat noodles like lasagna and fettuccine.

I went onto the Kitchen Aid Forums and read about people’s experiences with the two. The consensus was to get the pasta roller. Though it is more expensive you can make different types of pasta (semolina, durum, whole wheat). Because the motor in the kitchenaid is not meant to be an industrial powered extruder it can’t handle extruding really heavy doughs – which limits you to the simple egg based recipe. Furthermore people said that they had a lot of trouble with the pasta sticking together when extruding and not being able to get it apart properly.

Of course this does make sense since the pasta roller set I purchased was 4 times as expensive as the plate option.

(BTW, I could have also bought a cheap detached hand cranked pasta maker which would have been about as expensive as the plates but it would have taken up more room – and several people said that it was much easier to use a powered one, because when using a hand cranked it seemed to require 3 hands. I am sure this would not have been the case with practice, however I caved to the pressure.)

I will post later to detail the making of the pasta.

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