Newbies Pasta Making Tips

by katerina on February 27, 2006

[print_this]Making the Dough
-If you stick your finger in the dough and it comes out clean and dry thats good – if it is sticky or wet you need to work in more flour.

Rolling the Dough
-Dust and pat with flour continuously.
-Sprinkle rollers with flour.
-Fold in thirds when kneading through the lowest setting of rollers.

Cutting the Dough
-Let it dry for about 10 minutes on each side before cutting. That will help it from not sticking together too much. (Note: if you are using it for stuffed pasta do not do this.)

Drying the Dough
-Think about how you are going to store it. I tried laying it flat to dry it but it didn’t turn out flat enough that it was easy to store. (The pasta I hung over a string or put into nests turned out the best.)
-If you want to make nests, lay it dry after cutting and let it dry for another ~10 minutes. Then arrange into light nests.
-You want to make sure it is completely dry before putting it away or it will grow mold.

And, my favorite source of info from Marcella was that the pasta is homemade it will not taste any different if it is dry or fresh when you cook it.[/print_this]

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