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by katerina on April 16, 2006

I am enjoying a quiet rainy Easter weekend at my parents cabin (complete with dial-in, ouch) and I have bought myself a fabulous new bread cookbook by Beth Hensperger – Bread Made Easy. It is written as an instruction manual with recipes to follow. It looks extremely promising and I am heavily inspired by some of the artisan breads and foccacia recipes contained within. Also worth mentioning is that each of the recipes provide separate steps for hand kneading, kitchen aid, food processor and Magic Mill mixing. Very exciting.

One of the things she goes into in great detail is the different kinds of yeast. Inspired by this I have written up my own crib sheet about the different kinda of yeast and included conversions. Gotta go – I have cinnamon buns in the oven.

-1 1/4oz pkg active dry yeast = 1t active dry yeast = 1 6oz cube fresh cake yeast = 2t fast acting yeast

Active Dry Yeast
-Dormant until proofed
-Keep refrigerated. Best if used after 3 months but will last up to a year.

Fast-Acting Yeast
-Also called instant yeast
-Coated with ascorbic acid and sugar this yeast is activated when added to warm water and requires no sugar.
-Can be added directly to dry ingredients – no proofing needed.
-Store in the freezer for up to one year.

Cake Yeast
-Fresh yeast – only lasts for 2 weeks.

Quick-Rise Yeast
-The dough will rise 50% faster if this type of yeast is used.
-Works best when added directly to dry ingredients
-Follow manufacturers instructions carefully as rising times are quite different.
-You can use a bit less then is called for to slow down the rising process.

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