Mashed Cauliflower Recipe

by katerina on April 8, 2006

Rather then mashed potatoes, try this mashed or whipped cauliflower. It makes a great side dish and is even low carb, if that is what you are looking for. This also works really well if you roast the cauliflower first. If you like, you can also play with the texture by chopping up some of the cauliflower, and whipping the rest so that there is more different textures. This recipe is dead easy and super hard to screw up since you just throw it in the food processor!

[print_this]Mashed or Whipped Cauliflower Recipe
(serves 2-4)

1 head of cauliflower
2T butter
1/3C milk

1. Steam the cauliflower until very tender. About 10 minutes.
2. Put cauliflower into a food processor (or blender) add butter and milk.
3. Pulse trying to leave some chunks for texture.
4. Season liberally with salt and pepper.[/print_this]

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