June 2006

Sometimes things don't work…

by katerina on June 25, 2006

And it sure is frustrating. You follow the recipe faithfully and yet it tastes – well blah. The other night I caught an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Happy days Live where he made sea bass with leeks and white beans in a bag. He of course used baby leeks whereas I used regular and I […]


Raspberry Vinaigrette Recipe

22.06.2006Salad Dressing

Apologies for the lack of posting, I have been super busy and eating mostly quick salads and sandwiches. Silly work interfering with my hobbies! However in the vein of trying to be a little healthier, inspired a bit by Kalyns Kitchen and needing things to be quick I have been trying to branch out my […]

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The Fabulous Food Saver


This came up the other day on the Kitchen Aid Conversations so I thought it would make a great post. This is one of the greatest appliances we own (and we DO own several) and the most well used. Our vacuum sealer.We received it as a gift for christmas and it is great for leftovers […]

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Chocolate Drop Cookie Recipe

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These are the perfect treats to keep on hand since, in my opinion, they actually taste best right out of the freezer. Plus, they have some ruffage in them so you can feel good feeding them to the kids. These cookies are another of my Nonna’s recipes – my favorite cookies growing up in fact, […]

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