Sometimes things don't work…

by katerina on June 25, 2006

And it sure is frustrating. You follow the recipe faithfully and yet it tastes – well blah. The other night I caught an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Happy days Live where he made sea bass with leeks and white beans in a bag. He of course used baby leeks whereas I used regular and I used cod rather then sea bass – but still the cooking times were quite off and the general sauce was blah. I wonder whether this is because his books are translated from British measurements to North American measurements – maybe then they are not tested that well? I must say that in general I love his reicpes – I have his first three books and there are a couple of really classic recipes that I have made many times. (I recommend the lamb shanks recipe and the spicy sausage with wild mushroom farfalle.)

So what did I learn from the blah results? Not to get frustrated – I threw the fish under the broiler and had it plain with a salad. Next time I will try something else. :)

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