Garlic Green Beans Recipe

by katerina on September 20, 2006

I have never been a huge fan of beans but this recipe makes me want to eat beans. I think the other key is the super fresh organic garlic I picked up recently. I was hoping that it would last me months, but I suspect that we will finish it before it has the time to actually preserve. Oopsie.

[print_this]Garlic Green Beans:
2 portions of green beans
2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
2t butter
1t olive oil
2 small tomatoes, roughly chopped.

1. Melt butter with oil in a skillet on low heat. Add garlic and allow to slowly bring flavours out of garlic into oil and butter. Stir the garlic occasionally it should take 6-10 minutes to get the flavour.
2. Meanwhile quickly gentle steam the beans – undercook them rather then overcook them. Drain the beans and add to the skillet with the garlic. Turn the heat up to medium-low and toss the beans and garlic until beans are cooked to your liking. Toss with tomatoes and serve.[/print_this]

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