Roasted Winter Vegetables Recipe

by katerina on September 29, 2006

I happen to love Fall, I love the rain and the colours, so I am likely to jump the gun with winter and fall food. Even though it was 25C outside today I was led to make a roasted pork tenderloin with roast veggies. It was rainy last week… and technically it’s fall.

[print_this]The other plus is how easy this is to do especially when entertaining. The only tricky part can be the different cooking times of different veg. The way to simplify this is to chop the veggies appropriately or choose veggies that stand up to minor overcooking. To feed 5 people and have leftovers I peeled 2 yams and 1 sweet potato and chopped them into 1/2″ pieces thick bite sized pieces. I did the same with 3 red potatoes and one large parsnip. All these veggies have fairly similar cooking times so that’s the easy part. To that I added a peeled and chopped winter squash which is pretty forgiving and even more so a roughly sliced red onion and one sliced fennel bulb. To top it off I added a head of garlic broken into unpeeled chunks. Toss this all in a healthy amount of olive oil, pepper and salt and then season with whatever you have on hand. I like to add some dried basil, oregano and thyme – about a tablespoon of each. Roast for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 425.

The only thing to be careful about is if you cut the potatoes too early they will turn black so leave them until the end.[/print_this]

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