October 2006

Creamy Sausage Bake Recipe

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by katerina on October 29, 2006

Don’t you just love it when a creation of yours that you make from your pantry with no forethought works? Works well enough to want to save the recipe? Well this was one of those days. It is basically a variation on macaroni and cheese and you could certainly use any kind of pasta you […]


Eggplant and Spinach Risotto Recipe

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With fall comes the rain and with the rain comes the need for comfort food. Of course, really I eat it all year long but now I have an excuse. From that came this warm and cozy vegetable risotto. It was an inspiration based on what was in my fridge but I will definitely make […]

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Authentic Miso Soup Recipe

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I have tried unsuccessfully to make miso soup before but all I did was add miso to water. Though this will give you a simplified version you probably won’t find the flavour you are looking for. Your basic ratios are 1 cup of dashi to 1 teaspoon of miso. Dashi is the stock or broth […]

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Citrus and Basil Salad Recipe

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This is one of those great combinations that is so simple it can deceive you into thinking it might be dull. It really isn’t, and in fact the combination is even better then the herb you might naturally think of – Mint. I would highly recommend this for the cold and flu season as a […]

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Looks good? But wait until you taste it

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When I took this picture I was sure I had really hit success. I had used Ina Garten’s dough recipe, Alton Browns tomato sauce, basil from my window box, garden fresh romas and fresh mozzarella I had on hand to make a pizza margherita. Looked perfect, the crust was the right level of crispy and […]

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