Looks good? But wait until you taste it

by katerina on October 7, 2006

When I took this picture I was sure I had really hit success. I had used Ina Garten’s dough recipe, Alton Browns tomato sauce, basil from my window box, garden fresh romas and fresh mozzarella I had on hand to make a pizza margherita. Looked perfect, the crust was the right level of crispy and it had that beautiful rustic look.

But as I discovered when I bit in, things are not always what they seem. Something was wrong. The toppings tasted right and the crust was the right texture. Instantly it hit me – I had forgotton to put the salt in the dough!

I am trying to look at it as a good lesson in flavours and the importance of not rushing things. Breads are so simple – so few ingredients that each one is completley necessary and the salt is necessary for bringing out the other flavours in the bread. It also helps to keep the yeast from over fermenting.

Alton’s browns tomato sauce recipe was really good though and it made enough to freeze another two cups. Check it out here.

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