December 2006

Caramel Pecan Squares

by katerina on December 23, 2006

Its that time again, the time when using a whole pound of butter in a recipe is justifiable – and in fact three batches of the treat are necessary. I am not really big on dessert but even I will indulge at christmas and this is one of my favorites which I only make at […]


Spicy Asian Broccoli Salad Recipe

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I recently signed up for an organic delivery service, so now, every two weeks, I get a new little package on my doorstep full of organic veggies. The highlights so far include grapefruit, kiwis and carrots but also lots of basics like potatoes and lettuce. Last week, they included broccoli and since I was lazy […]

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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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It’s never surprised me that food is an addiction. Every time someone tells me they forgot to eat I know there are two different types of people: those with the habit and those without. A junkie is always thinking about their next fix and would never ignore it. This morning was a prime example, I […]

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Why Garlic Gets Green and Great Addition to Blogger


I just read a great post on what causes garlic and onions to sometimes go green based on the way they are cooked. This was posted by Harold McGee who has a blog News for Curious Cooks. McGee is a well known food writer you may have heard of his On Food and Cooking books.

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Semolina Focaccia Recipe

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I still had leftover Semolina flour from when I made orechiette. Looking for some way to use it up and try something new I made a variation on this focaccia recipe from the Bread Made Easy book. Originally I was going to top it with zucchini but low and behold the zucchini was moldy on […]

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