Spicy Asian Broccoli Salad Recipe

by katerina on December 19, 2006

I recently signed up for an organic delivery service, so now, every two weeks, I get a new little package on my doorstep full of organic veggies. The highlights so far include grapefruit, kiwis and carrots but also lots of basics like potatoes and lettuce. Last week, they included broccoli and since I was lazy and didn’t use it right away I was looking for some way to cleverly disguise it’s age when I came across this recipe of Kalyn’s. I modified it a bit to make the broccoli spicy and use honey rather then splenda.

The resulting broccoli was delicious, spicy and tangy. The honey gives it a sweetness which is a nice contrast to the sesame oil and chiles. It was really nice served at room temperature and would be great as a make ahead dish just keep the dressing and broccoli separate until the last minute.

(Okay, so the picture isn’t that exciting. It looks like broccoli. But I mean seriously, I am a food addict first then a blogger second – I am not going to overdress the salad for the purpose of the picture!)

[print_this]Spicy Asian Broccoli Salad
(serves 2)

4C broccoli florets, in pieces
2t soy sauce
1t sesame oil
1t rice wine vinegar
1 Thai chili, crushed
1/4t honey

1. Steam broccoli until tender, drain in a colander and run cold water over it to bring down the cooking temperature. Allow to cool to room temp.
2. Shake together oil, soy sauce, vinegar, honey and chilli’s. Drizzle over the broccoli and toss. Serve immediately.[/print_this]

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