April 2007

Banana Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

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by katerina on April 30, 2007

I have never been big on desserts, generally I would rather have cheese or bread then a piece of cake. Since I am not used to having a sweet tooth it confuses me when I find myself eating snickers bars from the vending machine several afternoons in a row. After my second week of such […]


Creamy Linguine with Ham, Mushrooms and Peas Recipe


Continuing my current Italian food love affair I made a version of the classic con Panna, Prosciutto e Piselli. I didn’t exactly make anyone’s version but read a few recipes online and remembered the version my Mum used to make as a kid. This version uses mushrooms and not red pepper as some do. I […]

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Zuchine Gratin Recipe

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I am currently reading Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously a true tale of a woman who blogged her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. When I bought it I actually expected to be so inspired that I also bought a copy of Julia Child’s masterpiece at the same time. It […]

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Whole Wheat Sesame Noodles with Rainbow Vegetables Recipe

19.04.2007Cheap Eats
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There has been a real lag in cooking and posting lately. I have been away the last two weekends without internet and my last large meal I cooked didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped so it didn’t earn itself a post. Last night I was really craving something healthy – so I decided […]

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Barbecued Chicken Recipe

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Only I could so quickly screw up something on a first attempt. The attempt? Barbecuing. Finally we bought a bbq this past weekend and I was so excited about trying it out. J had already made burgers and steaks and so it was my turn. I decided to make barbecued chicken from Ina Garten’s The […]

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