Presto Pasta

by katerina on June 8, 2007

It is too bad that Presto Pasta night doesn’t mean that I can snap my fingers like Willow and have a meal on the table. However, that is certainly what I was going for with tonights dinner, and my first ever contribution to Ruth from Once Upon A Feast‘s event Presto Pasta. Such a great name. I am hoping that this entry doesn’t shame me too much as this was a bit of a rush job, work is a little all consuming at the moment.

I had a phone conference at 7, so I threw the sauce together and left it at a simmer (with dutiful J giving it the occasional stir) while I got on the phone and did work stuff for 45 minutes. This is literally what was in the pantry and fridge and it came together. It isn’t my best creation, and after tasting it I instantly realized what it was missing – anchovies! I even had some too, so next time I really must think it through more ahead of time. That said it is certainly easy, simple, and what was for dinner tonight. Plus the bottle of wine which the recipe was begging me to open certainly helped.

I chopped up 2 small onions and added them to a large dutch oven over low-medium heat along with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. After letting it sweat for a couple of minutes I added three diced stalks of celery and 2 diced carrots and let them sweat for a few more minutes before adding about a dozen mushrooms which I had copped to varying sizes, some pretty fine and some in a rough chop. I added some thyme springs and a good healthy amount of salt and pepper. When the mushrooms had started to develop a bit I added a half glass of white wine and allowed it to more or a less boil off. Then I added a can of whole Italian tomatoes, stirred and walked away. When I was ready to eat I boiled some pasta, remove the thyme sprigs and tossed it with some Parmesan – very much a comfort speed meal. (The pasta in the picture is orrechiette by the way.)

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