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by katerina on September 30, 2007

There are lots of great things about having a blog, one of which is the occasional freebie – my first in fact. I was contacted about 6 weeks ago to see if I was interested in sampling and posting on some Canadian based spice blends from the Spice Depot. The stipulations from my end were that I can say whatever I want about the product and have as long as I want to get around to the post. Good thing too as it took me awhile to do a thorough test of it all.

I received two spice blends along with a nice carrying bag about a month ago; one designed to make JoJo potatoes and one intended for Seafood. I should preface all this by saying I am not a big user of spice blends. Partly because I prefer instead to try something new and different every time and partly because I never seem to remember I have them in the cupboard. In order to give it a fair shot I decided to do three experiments with the spices.

The JoJo seasoning is a combination of things designed to go well with potatoes – garlic, rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper etc. But I decided first to try it on a yam I had laying around and make yam wedges. I roasted the scrubbed yam slices that I had tossed with the JoJo seasoning and olive oil. I served them with a dipping sauce of mayo, lemon juice and more of the spice blend. They were a huge hit – and the quasi-aioli dip was a hit too.

Secondly I did the more straightforward thing – grilled some potatoes wedges that had been covered in the oil and the spice blend. They were good but not particularly remarkable compared to your average potato on the BBQ.

Lastly I fried some salmon with the seafood seasoning. The seafood seasoning include dill, fennel and lemon zest. I didn’t have access to the BBQ so I simply patted the fish dry, covered it in salt, pepper and the spice blend and fried it in butter. Simple and delicious. I generally like my salmon very plain with garlic and lemon but this was both simple and flavorful so I was impressed.

All and all I think these things really vary on your cooking style. If you are someone who is likely to use a spice mix then this is a definitely a good product. I think after using these I will actually continue to use them. The ingredients are fresh and well chosen and do not include anything on the label which is unrecognizable (Does anyone else hate seeing the words maltodextrin or hydrogenated soybean oil etc? ). Plus I do like the spice blends with a grinder to get a more fresh spice. I will definitely use this to make yam fries again since it was such a hit and I may try the seafood one too. All and all a decent time saving product.

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