Bostinis and the October Daring Baker’s Challenge

by katerina on October 29, 2007

We have all experienced this in social situations: The group of cool kids who sit at the better table, get away with more and seem to have generally happier lives. They are a group which always seems unattainable and snobby from the outside but which we all secretly want to be part of anyways. Well the cool group to me for a little while now has been the Daring Bakers with their secret challenges and fabulous pictures. Unlike the snobby kids from high school they are most welcoming to new members. So this month I got up the nerve to ask to join and low and behold here I am posting about my first challenge.

This month the Daring Bakers tackled the Bostini as set to us by Mary from Alpineberry. In case you are wondering what a Bostini is, it is a take on a boston cream pie but more like a cake. It is a beautifully rich custard topped with an orange chiffon cake and finished with chocolate glaze. It was a really fun and truly challenging place for me to start.

I hadn’t ever made a chiffon cake before and the only custards I had ever done were for ice creams. That said, my cake didn’t go too well. I made it at the cabin where my kitchen is a little light on equipment and baked it in a couple of different containers but none that were ideal. Some were underdone and some overdone and they all seemed to fall a bit after coming out of the oven. In the end I had to pick and choose what pieces of cake I ended up using in the plated dessert.
That said the custard and the end result were fantastic. Totally not something I would’ve ever made on my own too, which is half the fun. I actually ended up eating the leftovers right out of the fridge and fully couldn’t stop myself. (You know, that “I will just have one bite” moment?) If you are interested in the recipe check out our Challenger Mary’s blog here.

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