Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Recipe

by katerina on May 8, 2008

The infamous no knead bread is cool but I always found it kinda messy. You end up having to clean up dishes in multiple phases of the process not to mention your hands and the towels. Obviously too complicated for me. But I just tried a recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I got the recipe from this NY Times post.


This was way easier. You mix it all up (that makes for one bowl, one wooden spoon and some measuring spoons and cups all dirtied) then let it sit for a few hours at room temp and then bake it or store the dough in the fridge.

I did stray from the recipe a little bit. After letting it sit for 5 hours at room temperature I stored the dough and baked up one loaf the next day. When forming the loaf I went with a more batard shape because I find it easier to slice. After I let it rise on a piece of parchment. (I figured by putting on the parchment I was able to get the pizza stone really hot in the oven.)

The crust came out nice and crunchy and it has a nice flavor with a good crumb. I will most definitely make this again and I think I am going to run out and buy this book soon. The concept is really excellent. Plus, yeay I still have 3 loaves worth in the fridge!

Check out some other bloggers who have been exploring this book in it’s many forms. The Bad Girl’s Kitchen looks at adding whole wheat flour. Deborah over at Taste and Tell decides, like me, the book is worth the hype. The Steamy Kitchen makes Pecan Caramel Cinnamon rolls.

Update: Since this post I have made multiple other recipes and interpretations from this book, and also purchased it myself.  Check it out:

Grilled Tomato & Oregano Fougasse
Walnut and Sage Foccacia
Olive Fougasse

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