The Opera Cake

by katerina on May 28, 2008

This month’s Daring Baker challenge was something I hadn’t even heard of before. Opera Cake. This is a serious cake to make for someone whose dessert baking is generally brownies or cookies. I liked what a marathon it was but as a disclaimer I am really more of a bread baker. In fact I think it was the pretzels that made me want to become a Daring Baker in the first place so this challenge really isn’t my style or forte. That said it wouldn’t be very Daring to not try.

I always have such troubles with these writing up these challenges because it is usually weeks after the fact that I try and remember exactly what happened. So this time I planned ahead and did a little diary which is below.

Thursday 12:30pm -1:30pm: Made buttercream. Isn’t this supposed to be easier? Its not like this is the first time I have.. Oh I see, it is real buttercream a little different then the kind I have made before.

1:30pm: Licked bowl and whisk. Stirred cream to keep it thick and let it set.

1:45pm: Don’t feel so good. Damn my lactose intolerant love of dairy. Suddenly realize that something called buttercream probably is the definition of what I should avoid.

Friday 6pm: Crap, have I really not gotten any further with this cake thing? Guests coming in 4 hours, so decide to attempt to make the cake.

6:20pm: I have two 17×11 pans and no 12.5×15.5 pans. Screw it, this is fine.

6:25pm: Whites done and the rest is whirling away, ahhh now I feel calm and totally in control.

6:26pm: Shit, forgot to add sugar to whites, whisk it in by hand.

6:35pm: All done, ready to add melted butter. Darn it the recipe calls for cooled melted butter. Put butter outside.

6:40pm: Add in butter, cakes in oven. Time for a glass of wine!

9:00pm: Made syrup. Even I could do that.

9:15pm: Assembled cake and put in fridge after some very creative re-arranging. Actually quite easy to get cake assembled and move around the large pieces.

9:45pm: Made glaze, also easy and Tasty.. hmmm…

All and all this wasn’t a hit for me or my household. I liked it but not enough to eat more then a small piece or two. I have also never been a big fan of white chocolate so I think if it was coffee or dark chocolate flavoring it would have been more to my taste. I should have adapted it more to my tastes as some of the other bakers did. Ultimately half of it went in the trash.

I have already seen several posts with fabulous pictures go by, and you should check them out to so check out the blogroll.

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