Daring Baker’s Braid Their Pastry

by katerina on June 29, 2008

First let me just say I really liked this challenge of the Danish Braid. At first I was afraid it would be too daunting but in the end I had such a good time. The ingredients weren’t too expensive and we both gobbled it up. The only gotcha for me was completely my fault. After reading everyone else’s posts last time and really not loving the cake I decided to halve the recipe. Which was all going great right up until I added two eggs. Good thing it didn’t screw up the recipe and I had enough to make the full thing. Even better, in the end I was really glad I did. Now I have a batch of pastry in the freezer all set to do something creative with it. I am thinking… strawberry rhubarb or spinach and feta. Maybe in little mini ones.. we will see.
And yes, I was far too excited by it all to properly light my pictures so the colours are a little iffy. Don’t worry just cause it looked green doesn’t mean it tasted green. Too bad too I kinda dig the phallic picture.
For the filling I was going to do just like the recipe said but when I made the filling I only ended up with about one cup of filling so after seeing great idea on the board I used some blackberry jam down one side and the apple filling down the other. I also modified it a little bit by not using cardamom. I just couldn’t spend the $8.50 the grocery store wanted to charge. Because I usually do these challenges at the cabin (where I have my mixer and time). There was no other options for Indian spices so I used a combination of fresh nutmeg and cinnamon and it was very tasty. Plus the fresh orange juice and orange zest really came through.

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