Day 8: Pierre Hermés Eclairs

by katerina on August 31, 2008

This month the Daring Bakers were given the arduous task of making Eclairs by our hosts Tony Tahhan and MeetaK. Either I am getting more used to these challenges or they are getting easier because this challenge ended with no disasters. For one thing I only halved the recipe this time, eating 12 eclairs in a day is hard enough but 24 would probably have put us into a sugar coma. I made the filling, which is the pastry cream, the day before yesterday. I chose to do just plain vanilla rather then the chocolate as I was worried it would be too rich plus without a microwave or dishwasher and with only two burners the idea of melting chocolate in another pan which I would then have to clean… yeah I don’t think so. Then yesterday afternoon I made the rest of the eclairs.

It was really fun making the Cream Puff Dough and using a pastry bag (ahem, I mean ziploc) to form them into the little logs. They puffed up perfectly in the oven (an oven which I watched like a hawk by the way, take that haunted oven) and were fun to put together.

Both J and I really liked these and unlike some of the other bloggers we really liked the richness of the filling and didn’t feel the need to mix it with whipped cream.

To see the full recipe check it out here. Also if you want to see what a real Eclair looks like check out the Daring Baker blogroll.

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