Curried Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chicken Soup Recipe

by katerina on October 7, 2008

I really wanted soup with kale in it, but alas there was no kale at the store so I had to settle for spinach. I still prefer my greens cooked to in salad form which is why I love fall so very much. I actually got up for a run early yesterday morning and was really looking forward to admiring all the red leaves, but alas it was too dark out and I couldn’t really see anything. I miss the old daylight savings.

[print_this]Curried Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chicken Soup
(makes 2-4 servings)

1 potato, cubed
750ml chicken or vegetable stock
1T olive oil
2 boneless, skinless chicken thigh, cut into small strips
salt and pepper
1t curry powder
1/2 small onion, minced
1t minced ginger
1 medium sweet potato, cubed
1 bunch of spinach, washed and roughly chopped
yogourt for garnish (optional)

Put potatoes, sweet potatoes and chicken stock into a soup pot and turn on to medium. Meanwhile heat a skillet to medium and add olive oil. Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper and add to the skillet, stir fry for a minute or two until almost fully cooked. Remove chicken to a plate and set aside. Add curry powder, onion, garlic and ginger and saute until onion is translucent. Add to the soup pot along and cook for 10 minutes at a simmer then stir in chicken and spinach, cover, and cook for a minute more. Taste and correct for seasoning.

Serve with a dollop of yogourt on top.[/print_this]

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