Dreaming of Caramel with the Daring Bakers

by katerina on November 29, 2008

Usually I am most impressed with the savoury challenges of the Daring Bakers and less impressed with the sweet ones. Well, I think I am slowly learning the ropes of this group, because I feel like I totally got this recipe. For one thing I only made half of the icing and for another I turned the caramel cake recipe into caramel cupcakes. Way easier to share and freeze. Plus, call me crazy but everything tastes better in cupcake form, right?

So these were totally a hit! Maybe it is because I have been going easy on the fattening items recently or maybe it is cause I was fighting a cold but I loved them! I added a few good helpings of salt to the icing which really transformed it (thanks Daring Baker Kitchen).

They were just so damn pretty I took like, a zillion pictures, so humour me.

Would I make these again? Not sure, I really liked them but they were a lot of work. The caramel sauce was unnecessary, IMHO, but it was amazing in the icing and cake.

If you do want to make them you can check out the original recipe on creator Shuna Fish Lydon’s website here, it came from Bay Area Bites: Caramel Cake, The Recipe.

Great thanks to our hosts this month: Dolores of Culinary Curiosity,
Alex of Blondie and Brownie and Jenny of Foray into Food. I liked it guys, I am just not dedicated enough!

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