Roast Salmon with Cilantro Pesto Recipe

by katerina on November 17, 2008

I’m back! This weekend was a whirlwind but I think I am finally going to be able to start posting again. Yesterday we delivered the project I have been working on for the last few months and work will finally be going back to normal until after Christmas. I just can’t seem to cook anything blogworthy when I am working 11 hour days. (Anyone want to see 12 different ways to melt cheese on bread and arrange baby carrots beside it on a plate?) There are so many bloggers who make it work, but I still haven’t quite figured out how.

In addition to finishing the work project yesterday I ran my first race (a 10K) this morning. It has been a goal of mine to do a 5K since I started running back in August, however since I missed the opportunity to do a 5 in October I challenged myself to skip right to the 10. It was scary, hard and thrilling to finish. I was really pleased with my time of 1:03, next time I know I can get it in under an hour.

To celebrate my life returning to normal I flipped through Bonnie Stern’s Heart Smart cookbook this afternoon and found a recipe for an asian marinated salmon on greens that sounded wonderful and it was indeed really yummy over some light spring greens. The picture isn’t great, I tried to take a picture when it was all beautiful and green after it had marinated but my camera was out of batteries. This picture isn’t quite as nice but trust me, it’s yummy!

[print_this]Roast Salmon with Cilantro Pesto
(serves 6)

1 clove garlic
1 bunch cilantro
2T hoisin sauce
1T fish sauce
1T rice wine vinegar
1/2 small lime juiced
6 portions of salmon fillets

In a food processor pulse garlic then add cilantro, you can add the stems too. Pulse until minced then add remaining ingredients and process. Put salmon in a marinating container and cover with sauce. Put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Heat oven to 425 and transfer salmon to a parchment lined roasting tin or cookie sheet. Cook for 10-14 minutes or until medium rare. Serve over lightly dressed greens.
Hint: I added a bit of olive oil to what was left in a the food processor and just tossed my greens in that!
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