Pom Wonderful and a Giveaway!

by katerina on March 18, 2009

I’m sick. SO what could be better then to receive in my mailbox a few coupons for bottles of POM wonderful – an antioxidant powerhouse.

I picked up a bottle of the blueberry and it is delicious! I have been drinking it straight as well as mixed with club soda. Both yummy and both delicious. I would be making some of those fabulous cocktails I see floating around, but I think that might not help me feel better?

Along with the coupons I received some educational info about pomegranates and POM. I love pomegranates but I had no idea that they were one of the Earth’s first cultivated fruits. Screw apples and bananas, lets farm more pomegranates! POM also claims to increase cardiovascular health, prostate health and erectile dysfunction. Thankfully I am in no position to test these claims but check out the details here.

Either way I do enjoy some POM juice, but it isn’t the cheapest thing ever. That brings me to…

A Giveaway!
Do you want a coupon for a free 16-oz bottle of POM Wonderful? Here is how to win:
Post a comment on the blog with your favorite cold\flu cure! For an extra entry post about the contest on your blog and email me and I will enter you twice.
Updated: The Giveaway now includes US as well, POM was kind enough to send me two more coupons for the US!
I have two coupons for Canadian residents and two for US residents, sorry to everyone else. I will close the contest at 9PM PST this Friday. Good luck.

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