Eating Local, do you?

by katerina on May 26, 2009

I consider myself someone who likes to eat local. But even in stating that, I think I have to define what local means to me. Firstly, I like eating things produced in my immediate area. When we are at the cabin, one of the biggest perks is buying crab off the boat, short ribs from the local cattle farmer, and tomatoes from the farmers market.

There is nothing better then tomatoes fresh from the garden on some brown toast with mayo and salt and pepper.


Unless it is maybe popping a fresh cherry tomato right in your mouth.

(This photo was from last summer’s bounty, the green squash was from my garden and everything else was from the market.)

Outside from that, I tend to try pay attention to things in BC’s growing season, I buy BC apples year round and when blueberries, strawberries, corn and the rest are in season I stock up. I consider it local if it comes from BC, since I know I can’t expect to always be able to purchase strawberries from down the street. Especially when I am in Vancouver.

I like eating this way because I think in a lot of cases it tastes better, especially for things like berries and tomatoes. The fruit or vegetable was picked when it was actually ripe rather then being picked earlier in order to ripen during transportation.

According to a survey released today 86% of Canadians prefer to eat locally sourced foods so I am not alone. This number was way higher then I expected. But in a good way. What I found even more interesting, was that when asked the number one reason why, it was to help the local economy or keep the farmers in business. This was slightly higher than the number two reason, and my key reason – food is fresher.

I definitely think about the business side when I patronize the markets (since there is face to face contact) but on a larger scale it makes sense to buy the tomato from BC rather then Chile because it helps keep our local farmers in business and support jobs. Especially now.

The other thing I found funny is that out of people from BC the number one thing we want to support in Province? Beef! Then vegetables and potatoes! Not seafood or tomatoes or corn. Totally shocking.

I was so surprised by this I did my own poll on J. First I asked him the same question and he answered crab, blueberries\blackberries and oysters. Then I asked him what he thought people would say and he said wine, tomatoes and sushi. (We really like our sushi).

Clearly I need to buy more BC beef, I have had it. It was good, no debating here.

What do you think? Do you notice where your products are coming from? If you are in Canada do some of these number make sense? If you are in the U.S. or elsewhere, do you think about this too? What do you make sure you buy local?

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