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by katerina on June 2, 2009

Ten days ago I was lucky enough to get invited to go to Toronto for the weekend for some education about local food, Hellmans‘ and their Eat Real Eat Local Campaign. More about that on another day. The big perk of the trip was getting the opportunity to meet an array of fellow Canadian bloggers from the food and family communities. Everyone is delightful in person and in writing. We had a real blast talking shop and obviously eating. So without further ado here are some of the fabulous blogs now taking resident in my feed reader. From east to west!

Ruth from Halifax runs Once Upon a Feast. Her blog was the only one I was familiar with before going because of her fabulous Presto Pasta nights, and her writing on the FoodTV Canada blog. She is passionate about local food and cooking and don’t miss her cookbook reviews and pictures of her own cookbook stash. Ruth – let me know if you are ever moving to a smaller space?

Pierre helps run SOS Cuisine, a food, meal, and grocery planning site. They have an array of original recipes they use to adapt to custom tastes and dietary needs while still focusing on local ingredients. They even partner with farmers to understand what is truly local to your area. The site is currently free so go over and check it out, I particularly like the Budget and Eat Local section.

Angelique is a cool Montreal gal who writes for Bitchin Lifestyle and we hit it off right away. My favorite section is most definitely the WTF R U Wearing? posts. A picture sometimes says it all, but ripping someone a new one is even better. Bitchin Lifestyle is part of the Bitchin Kitchen empire which is definitely worth mentioning. After finding out who all the bloggers were I had a few minutes to virtually stalk everyone and Nadia G.’s videos made me genuinely laugh out loud. Angelique was sweet enough to bring us all copies of the cookbook so stay tuned for some recipes from there.

Charmian is a freelance writer from Guelph who writes Christie’s Corner and contributes to Cuisine Canada. She is very honest about her food and recipes, and will certainly tell you how it is – but her recipes also look amazing. I have bookmarked a few including her Mango Chutney Chicken and am sure to be cooking up something delicious soon. I love that she also has a Kitchen Disasters tag, which is well used – not a bad idea at all.

Based in Ottawa, Andrea writes a more personal blog called a peek inside the fishbowl and that is just what you get – an honest look into her life with some beautiful pictures. Check out her posts about the family’s activities, the open letter to her daughter, or her rant about conditioner and shampoo bottles. Personally, I really love a good rant on conditioner or what have you.

Andree’s blog seems to span the whole nation. Though currently based in Calgary, at are you gonna eat that? she blogs about her eats, some great and some shocking. Her review of the Salt Tasting Room in Vancouver echoed my experience perfectly – except I was smart enough to take a cab. Not sure how she gets lucky enough to travel all over the country but check it out. I am always impressed by people who take such amazing pictures of food in restaurants, how do you all do it?

Robin, my fellow BC blogger, runs a site called Our Big Earth. Based in Courtenay, her site focuses on Vancouver Island ingredients, culture and family. But, you don’t have to be local to enjoy the stories and pictures. Check out the crafts section for fun ideas for things to do with the kids and don’t miss the articles on cooking with them in the food and family section. I have enough trouble with just me thanks.

Well there it is, check out the sites above, you won’t regret it. And thanks ladies for including me in your round-ups as well. Would’ve done it sooner except for this stupid day job. Sigh. If only I could earn my living as a blogger.

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