Christmas Gift Ideas For Foodies

by katerina on December 3, 2009

I have a few great Christmas present ideas for all foodies or anyone who loves cooking. Unfortunately they won’t benefit me as I am lucky enough to own them all but if you are looking for something to add to your Christmas wish list, here are a few ideas. All of these are items I own and can honestly recommend. They are also all available on my Amazon store.

  1. Vinturi : This isn’t exactly a cooking gadget per say, but more of an entertaining tool. In 6 words, this makes cheap wine taste better. If you drink any amount of wine you have probably experienced the decanting ritual. A decanter is great if you are someone who plans ahead and drinks less then a bottle or two at a time. If you are like me, and are neither, then this Vinturi is perfect as it aerates immediately as you pour wine through. I have done several side by side taste tests and it is always remarkable. I received this as a gift this year and for less then $50 you can’t go wrong.
  2. Vinturi - a Great Christmas Gift Idea!

  3. Microplane: Every cook needs a Microplane Fine Grater,  I use mine daily. I grate nutmeg on my oatmeal, Parmesan on my pasta and lemon zest into my sauces. This would make a great stocking stuffer.
  4. Christmas Present Idea: Microplane Grater

  5. A Serrated Knife: is frequently underestimated. For years I either used my crappy one or dulled the edge of my chef’s knives when cutting crusty bread. I bought this Victorinox Serrated Knife early this year and not only is it inexpensive, it is truly a pleasure to use.
  6. Serrated Knife, a Great Gift Idea for the Cook in your Life

  7. A Chef’s Knife: If you have never invested in a nice knife I highly recommended the Global knives. I have both a Santoku and a Chef’s Knife and I use them for everything. They are light in my hands and hold an edge really well.   Plus, there is no cook out there who would say no to a nice new knife.
  8. Every Cook Will Love This Sharp Global Knife as a Gift

  9. A Nice Sauté Pan: I have never bought an expensive Sauté or frying pan, but this year for my birthday my lovely fiancé got me an All-Clad Copper Core Sauté Pan and it changed the way I cooked. The heat is even, nothing sticks, it is easy to clean and sears meat beautifully. The price tag is hefty, but after using it for 6 weeks now I know I will buy another one (I have the 12″ and would like an 8″ as well). It is so wonderful, I can even make a French omelet and the egg doesn’t stick.
  10. A Nice Saute Pan

  11. A Stand Mixer: is certainly a well loved kitchen tool. I have had several different models and my preferences are the Professional if you can afford it or the Artisan. I do enjoy the dough hook on the Pro Models and find that dough is less likely to climb up the sides when using it. At home I use this when I am making pie crust, dough’s, cookies, or beating egg whites. I also really enjoy the attachments and have the ice cream maker, the pasta roller and my favorite the meat grinder (Your burgers never tasted so good).

Stand Mixer

You are probably wondering the obvious, what about cookbooks?  Cookbooks are such great gifts that I think cookbooks deserve their own post. So consider this my Christmas Foodie Gift Ideas Part I. Update: See my 5 Cookbook Gift Ideas post for Part II.

There are also several other lists I saw out there which had some good ideas, check out Martha Stewart’s Recommendations, Mercury News Gift Guide for Foodies,  this article on Article Snatch, of this great Green Gifts for Foodies guide. Kalyn also has some great ideas for homemade gifts from the Kitchen.

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