Experiments with a Black Truffle

by katerina on December 9, 2009

My wonderful parents were in France a few weeks ago and they brought me back foodie gold. A fresh black truffle, bought from a man in a market selling it with his pig at his side. How charming is that?

So I had to decide how to use it, and really learn about truffles in general.

The first thing I discovered is that there are two main kinds of truffles, black and white.  White truffles can be eaten raw, while black truffles must be cooked.  Typically if you have white truffles you use them by shaving them over dishes like risottos and eggs.

I also learned that beside the imported truffles from France and Italy, Oregon actually cultivates truffles as well.  China also produces a lower quality truffle which are frequently substituted and branded as Italian or French so be careful!

Any guesses on what I made?  Come back  on Friday to find out!

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