What To Do When it is Too Hot to Cook.

by katerina on August 20, 2010

Anyone else looking to beat the heat of summer and lacking inspiration in the kitchen? Here are some ideas to cook yourself through the heatwaves.

1. Go Raw

Try creating a simple raw meal, salad, or dessert. Raw food is on the forefront of foodie discussions these days and if you haven’t at least tried it, what better time could there be? Many raw recipes are high in nuts and therefore fat which some people have trouble digesting. Try balancing the heavier raw foods with a light raw salad or smoothie. Need ideas? Try raw banana ice cream, raw donut holes, raw broccoli salad, massaged kale salad, or of course a smoothie.

2. Slow Cook your Dinner

Although frequently associated with winter stews the slow cooker is great in the summer as well. There is no need to hover near a hot stove or oven, plus all the preparation can happen in the morning, the coolest part of the day. Try Ribs or pulled pork and it will feel seasonal!

3. Make a Summer Salad
The easiest and most natural thing to eat when it is hot is a cool and refreshing salad. Try using some of the vegetables and fruit that are currently in season, either in the salad itself or in the dressing. Get creative and challenge yourself with new salad recipes! Why not try grilling fruit? Check out the salad recipes for some ideas.

Do you have any other great recipes or foods perfect for a hot summer day?

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