New Years Resolutions for your Kitchen

by katerina on January 17, 2011

It is almost three weeks into January, and as we all resolve to improve our lives through goals do you have any cooking or kitchen resolutions yet? Here are some unique ideas to get you started.

Eat through your freezer and dry storage.
-do you have meat, sauces or pastas sitting in a freezer for when you need them? That’s great! If you utilize that system. Too many of us let things get extremely freezer burned by simply forgetting what is in there. Try and make one creative meal from your freezer every week.
– the same applies to all the beans, nuts,grains and cans in your pantry, they do eventually have a shelf life. Make a point to go through and familiarize yourself with what is in there.

Resolve to label things!
-Do you ever discover a jar of mayonnaise in the fridge and wonder just how long it has been open? Whenever you open a product without an expiry date or put something in the freezer grab a sharpie and write what it is, the date and ideally a “good until” date.

Eat and cook with more whole grains!
-Are we all convinced yet that carbohydrates aren’t the enemy? Whole grains should be a healthy staple of your diet and from a culinary perspective open new doors of creativity. I am currently quite obsessed with barley, quinoa and bulgar.

Take a cooking class!
– are you interested in szechuan cuisine, baking cakes or butchery skills? There is nothing better to get you excited about cooking than a culinary class.

Get organized!
-We could all use more organization in our kitchen, try planning meals and grocery shopping ahead of time or throwing out all that Tupperware that doesn’t match. Any good cook will tell you that organization is the key to efficient and successful cooking.

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