Frying Fridays Part II: How to Deep Fry Safely or How to Keep Your Eyebrows

by katerina on February 25, 2011

This is the second post in my Frying Friday series, about How To Deep Fry. The first post in the series is about What you Need to Deep Fry at Home, and How to Deep Fry Successfully is coming next week!

Are you afraid of deep frying? Me too. But I think that is quite a healthy fear, as long as it doesn’t prevent you from making yummy homemade fish and chips or spring rolls it will just keep you safer at home right? Here are some compiled tips on safely deep frying at home. Do as I suggest and you should be quite safe, assuming you aren’t deep into the wine when you start.

Spring Rolls

How to Deep Fry Safely:

1. Keep Your Tools Dry
Ever heard the expression like oil and water? Well hot oil and water are way worse, trust me. Adding anything wet to hot oil will cause the oil to bubble and splatter. A large amount of water could cause a pillar of flames to erupt and burn you. Or worse, explode. Scared yet? Good. You need to be cautious. But, this is easy to prevent, just make sure any tool you are adding to the oil is dry and any food you are adding to the oil is either mostly dry or coated in a breading. Lastly make sure when you go to clean anything with hot oil that you give it enough time to cool down. Also, be careful if you have multiple things on the stove that water can’t jump from one pot into the next.

2. Get a Fire Extinguisher
You already have one in the kitchen right? That’s what I thought. Like a plunger, you never want to have to use it, but you may be very relieved to have it if you need it.

3. Keep a Clean Workspace
Accidents happen and having excess clutter around where you are working will make it all the more likely. Avoid this problem by being organized and keeping the area you are deep frying in clean and orderly.

4. Dress Smart
I have only caught myself on fire while cooking once, and it was because my apron string managed to get in the way of my gas burner. Thankfully it was very minor and quickly extinguished but a good lesson. Watch that your sleeves aren’t too long and you don’t have any threads hanging off of your clothing. (P.S. I wasn’t deep frying when I ignited myself. But, if you do set yourself on fire, don’t panic.)

5. Pay Attention
Don’t walk away from your oil, any number of bad accidents could happen including it getting too hot and catching fire. When you are deep frying make sure it doesn’t get too hot, pay attention to your thermometer and your senses for any sort of smoky smell.

6. Carefully Add Your Food
When you add food to the oil, do it carefully (no dropping from high heights please). Always add the food away from you so if any splashes occur they burn the wall and not you!

Are you confident in deep frying at home? How did you become so? Have anything to add? Please add your tips in the comments!

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