My 11 Favorite Recipes of 2011

by katerina on December 30, 2011

Now that we are *almost* in 2012, it is time to take a look back at the last year here at Daily Unadventures in Cooking. Looking back at all these recipes helps me remember what I cooked this past year and also helps explain my widening waistline.  (I bet it was all that deep frying!) At any rate, here are my 11 favorite recipes of 2011.

For desserts and baked goods, I love these little shortbread cookies because I got to play with caramel. My other favorite recipes included the 3-Bite Cherry Clafoutis and making Apple Fritters from scratch.

With vegetables dishes simpler can be best, it was very close but my  roasted Greek lemon potatoes beat my asparagus with fish sauce and crispy shallots recipe by just a tiny bit.

If you feel inclined or inspired to make an appetizer out of a vegetable, as I seem prone to do,  try these zucchini fritters. Or if you are more adventurous might I recommend kale spanakopita or this beet and potato rösti recipe?

Zucchini Fitter Recipe

After sifting through a dozen soup recipes, it was surprisingly easy to nominate this warm and spicy cashew and tomato soup as the best soup of 2011. Now, if you need a little bit more meat in your life, try the apple and parsnip soup which is garnished with crispy pancetta and also delicious.

tomato soup recipe

As a carb addict, I create a lot of risotto and pasta recipes, my favorite risotto recipe this year was easily the fig and gorgonzola risotto. However, both the mushroom risotto recipe with toasted pistachios and the pancetta and leek risotto are excellent.

Gorgonzola Risotto Recipe

Most of the grilling recipes are best in the summer, but we grill year round either on the barbecue or on a cast-iron gril pan. Favorites this year included a spicy pork tenderloin, a peanut and coconut chicken recipe, and a grilled flank steak marinated in orange and chipotle that turned into tostadas. Try the chicken, it turns into a wonderful noodle salad.

For a more comforting meat recipe, try this coconut and apricot curried chicken recipe, it may not look like much but it’s delicious. More adventurous? Try these lettuce wraps with pork belly, fennel slaw and apple.

If you are a lover of seafood I implore you to try cantonese style steamed fish. Looking for an appetizer? A favorite appetizer of mine was these shrimp with an orange and chive beurre blanc.

Steamed Whole Tilapia

One of my absolute favorite recipes that I developed this year was my 60% whole wheat pizza dough recipe. I think you will hear more about this, because since then I have also adapted it into a rustic loaf and an oily focaccia with great results. Give it a try!

whole wheat pizza dough recipe

Last but defintley not least are my two favorite pasta recipes of the year, selected from a great many I assure you. This creamy roasted eggplant linguine recipe won my heart with it’s subtle flavours…

..while this roasted tomato and green olive pasta I love for it’s strong contrasts.

So there you have it, the top 11 recipes of 2011 from Daily Unadventures in Cooking. If you enjoyed the site and the recipes this year then tell your friends and follow me on facebook! Also if you have any requests, or recipes  you would like to see more of,  tell me in the comments!

Want more great recipes? Check out my favorite recipes from 2010 and my my favorite recipes from 2009!

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