Things I Am Loving Now – January 2013

by katerina on January 17, 2013

After some suggestions from friends I have decided to start a series of things I am currently loving which I am hoping you find interesting. This is the first of monthly installments, most of which will be cooking or kitchen related but I have branched out with a bit of clothing and wine as well. Let me know what you think.  You can also check out the Pinterest board!  

I have always loved Jamie Oliver and in fact his shows inspired some of my very first attempts in the kitchen, but I hadn’t seen much of anything lately since we don’t have cable (another thing I love? Netflix). However his new show: 30 Minute Meals, which is available on DVD from Amazon UK has the feel of an older and less rehearsed cooking show. Though I realize it is likely a well edited illusion, he does most everything in real time and has genuine fun with it. Plus he has this enthusiasm for rough looking real food. I love that. There is also a Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes cookbook (which I haven’t tried) and a new series on 15 minute meals which should be airing soon.  I watched like 20 episodes in a row when I was sick over the holidays. So good.

I currently cannot get enough avocado and red onion sandwiches, especially when paired with cheese or eggs. I have been eating this for lunches and breakfasts regularly and my favorite is with a few slices of tomato, served open-faced with soft French-style scrambled eggs. Make sure you buy a ripe avocado, or that you patiently wait for it to ripen on the counter. Slice the red onion as thin as you can. So good.

This Fish Spatula is so much smaller and more maneuverable than any other spatula I own and I use it for way more than fish. It is great for turning bacon, prying cornbread out of a pan or flipping breaded chicken. And it is only $6.03. Love it.

Un-Oaked Chardonnays. I definitely used to fall into the ABC camp – Anything But Chardonnay, but since starting to drink these wines which have little to no oaky flavours I am really coming around. Instead of caramel and vanilla you can taste refreshing apples and melon. I am even starting to like the really well oaked ones, especially when served with the right food. (One of my favorites is Leggiero from La Stella based here in BC.)

I own four different chef’s knives of varying price, but my favorite is the one I got with my culinary school kit. It is an inexpensive German butchery brand called F. Dick. There is something about the weight of it in my hand and how it holds an edge that I just love. I keep eyeing the 10″…

Though not a feminine person, I absolutely love comfy dresses with boots. Ideally a dress should be comfortable enough that you don’t feel as though you are making an effort. That’s why I love this knit dress from anthropologie along with my favorite pair of brown Frye boots. Glorious.

Disclaimer: None of these are paid advertisements and are all genuinely recommended by me. However, for full disclosure some of the products which are available on amazon include affiliate links so if you click through and buy via one of the amazon links I do make a tiny bit of money which feeds back into the running of this site.

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