Things I am Loving Now – February 2012

by katerina on February 26, 2013

Okay, so after a successful first post last January, check out some of the things I am loving now.  You can also check out the Pinterest board!  

Although I haven’t even come close to making a dent in this cookbook, I am loving David Thompson’s Thai Food. It is truly the omnibus of Thai cooking, and it is the first and only Thai cookbook I own. I have had to search out a few new ingredients too (cassia!) which is always fun.

A friend of mine recommended an australian cooking show called The Cook and The Chef. The premise is that you have two hosts: a professional chef and a home cook, they each cook a dish or ingredient in a different way. Unusual and very entertaining.

I love my massive wooden cutting board, but whenever I am prepping chicken or any kind of raw meat I always use one of my Epicurean Cutting Boards. I hate the feeling of cutting on those plastic boards, plus they dull your knives, but these serve the same purpose because they go in the dishwasher! No fuss, no muss and I can keep my surfaces from getting contaminated. I have two sizes. Also, my husband would rather just use one of these than wash the big board. To each his own.

Lastly, we are entirely addicted to Homeland. Intelligent and addictive, and excellent watched with a good bowl of food on your lap.

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