Carrot & Walnut Soup Recipe with Tarragon

by katerina on October 4, 2011

Not everyone considers soup to be a meal but I certainly do. Soup, especially homemade soup, is perfect for rushed or rainy weeknight dinners. I love to make big batches of soups and have portions stashed in the freezer, ready to be re-warmed and served with a grilled cheese or light salad.

Carrot Soup Recipe

Carrot soups are endlessly variable and very inexpensive to make. Carrots also pair very well with almost every nut imaginable, making this carrot, tarragon and walnut soup recipe very much a meal unto itself. The cream is a nice addition but very much not necessary if you are watching your figure or want to make a vegan carrot soup recipe. If you are freezing the soup, don’t add the cream until you are reheating it.

Carrot Soup Recipe

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Carrot Tarragon and Walnut Soup

(serves 2)

1 teaspoon olive oil
2 tablespoons diced onion
1 1/2 cups chopped carrot
salt and pepper
1/4 cup walnuts
1 tablespoon flour
3 cups water or chicken or vegetable stock
1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon
3 tablespoons cream (optional)

In a large saucepan or Dutch oven, sweat the onion in oil over low heat for 5 minutes. Add the carrot and a big pinch of salt. Sweat the carrots and onion for 10 minutes. Add the walnuts and the flour. Stir frequently, but allow the flour to cook for 3 minutes.

Stir in the stock or water and simmer for another 15 minutes. Check the carrots and make sure they are very soft, if not continue cooking until they are. Allow to cool slighty and then transfer to a blender and blend for at least a minute. Transfer back to the pot and stir in the tarragon and cream (if desired). Allow to sit on low heat for at least 5 minutes for the flavours to come together. Serve hot.

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cooking Time: 40 minutes | Total Time:45 minutes
Calories(approximate per serving): 120

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