Puttanesca Recipe with Feta and Spinach

by katerina on October 26, 2009

Here is another variation on a classic Italian pasta dish. Recently I made a healthy spaghetti carbonara, this week it is spaghetti puttanesca. I started with the classic recipe but rather then using anchovies and olives to make it salty I used feta and olives. To make it a bit healthier I added baby spinach. The result was spicy, salty and saucy, as any good puttanesca should be.

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Pasta Puttanesca with Feta and Spinach

(serves 2)

2 tablespoon olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
1 can whole tomatoes
¼ cup flat leaf parsley, chopped
1 dozen kalamata olives, pitted and chopped
3 tablespoon capers
freshly ground pepper
4 cups baby spinach
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
2 portions cooked spaghetti

Over medium heat cook the garlic and chilies in the oil. Stir until the garlic is tender, about 3 minutes. Add the tomatoes, olives, capers, parsley and pepper and cook for about 10 minutes. Add in spinach and stir until just wilted, taste and correct for seasoning. Toss sauce with pasta and feta and serve hot.

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cooking Time: 10 minutes | Total Time:15 minutes
Calories(approximate per serving): 525

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