Banana Ice Cream Recipe

by katerina on January 6, 2010

You will never look at a banana the same way after you have tried this. When I looked at bananas I used to see a conduit to peanut butter or a natural oatmeal sweetener, now I see ice cream.

But not just any ice cream, in fact, not even ice cream at all – at it’s simplest this frosty treat is just bananas.  This dessert is raw, vegan, natural, and easy to make without an ice cream maker. In fact it makes an amazing afternoon snack or even breakfast.  Of course you can fancy it up with wonderful things like dark chocolate, almonds, peanut butter or coconut. Toppings make any dessert more fun.

I do not subscribe to the belief that fruit is bad if you are on a diet. I know there was some publicity awhile back about how you weren’t allowed to eat bananas on the Biggest Loser diet.

Well, eat this.  (Oh and we have eaten it. Every night in the last week.)

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Banana Ice Cream

(1 serving)
Adapted from Choosing Raw

2 1/2 frozen bananas
2 tablespoons water (or almond milk)
optional add-ins: a Chunk of dark chocolate, a handful of almonds, etc get creative.

I used my vita mix to do this, but I understand a food processor also works, or another powerful blender. I just blend for about a minute using the vita mix pulse to push the bananas and ice down, but here are instructions on making it with a food processor.

This needs to be consumed immediately since it is a soft serve texture. Don't forget to top it with fun things like chocolate, fruit and nuts.

Calories(approximate per serving): 250

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