Do you like to Print Recipes?

by katerina on August 12, 2010

Did you know that Daily Unadventures in Cooking now has printable recipes? Finally, after many months every recipe in the archive now has a “Print Recipe” button. Thanks to Scott Hair’s plugin for making it possible. Let me know if you have any feedback.


Oven Thermometer


The more time I spend with The Bread Bible the more convinced I am that the success to making bread is primarily in the details. Weighing the ingredients, probing the temperature, active yeasts – and now the oven temperature. On a bit of a whim I bought myself an internal oven thermometer, it cost me […]

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Brand Loyalty, a minor rant.


Perhaps this is an old fashioned thing, or maybe it is caused intentionally by big businesses – likely both – but I have trouble diverging myself from brand loyalties. This varies from everything to computer parts (ahh the love of apple products) to clothing and of course kitchen appliances. This habit recently became apparent in […]

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