How to Clean a Leek

by katerina on April 25, 2006

Leeks are delicious in pastas, soups, or in sauces for seafood or pork.  Leeks really are an under- appreciated vegetable, and I think part of the reason is that they are challenging to clean.
To clean a leek trim the green end of the leek down about an inch from the ends. Then holding the root with your left hand make a lengthwise cut about an inch from the root all the way up the leek. Rotate the leek in your left hand 180 degrees and make another lengthwise incision. You should now have a leek that is in quarters but held together at the end. You can go now rinse it thoroughly under water and get to those problematic muddy bits.

Another thing I learned is that you really can use the whole leek and not just the white part. Apparently if a recipe only requires the white part it will specify that – so otherwise go ahead and use the whole thing. There is a leek risotto in one of Marcella’s books I keep meaning to try out…

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