Healthy Tartar Sauce Recipe

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by katerina on June 4, 2010

I generally don’t like tartar sauce because it is so sweet, but this healthy tartar sauce recipe is tangy without being cloying.


Spinach Hummus Recipe

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How pretty is this hummus recipe which uses fresh spinach? A great way to get a bit more greens in your diet and to use up that spinach which is sitting in your fridge.

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Tzatziki Recipe

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Tangy and garlicky, this Greek tzatziki dip recipe will have you reaching for warm pita bread.

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Broad Bean "Guacamole" Recipe

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Fresh shelling, or broad beans, are in season from mid to late summer every year. I was able to pick up this bunch fresh from the farmers market, for no other reason then to try something new. Shelling them was very easy, you want to remove the beans from the pod, and to do this […]

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White Bean, Artichoke, Goat Cheese, and Basil Hummus Recipe

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A twist on regular hummus by using white beans, basil and goat cheese.

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Simple Eggplant Spread Recipe

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I seem to have fallen off the planet a bit in the last week or so, I haven’t been cooking much at all and our kitchen is a disaster which makes me want to cook even less. I actually made this last weekend and am just getting around to posting it now. Shameful. One of […]

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Hummus Recipe

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I really was prepared to not like this hummus, or at least be unimpressed by it. This recipe comes from Cook’s Illustrated and much like a lot of their recipes makes something naturally easy much harder. I chose to make it in the first place because I bought this new camera and wanted to have […]

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Rosemary Feta Spread Recipe

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A recipe for a feta and rosemary spread, perfect for a dinner party appetizer.

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White Bean and Basil Hummus Recipe

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Its been awhile since I have participated in Weekend Herb blogging, so I have decided to ease into it with something easy but rewarding. This hummus features basil and was inspired by a rather expensive version I bought at the grocery store. What makes this dip a hummus is that it is has a pureed […]

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Tapenade Recipe

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Another thing I discovered an addiction to while working in restaurants – tapenade. I am a fan of both the green and black olive tapenade. Basically just a rich salty spread to have on bread or crackers or even sandwiches. For my Mum’s birthday, struck with indecision I made both. You can used canned olives, […]

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